Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #74

Cloud Computing
October 1, 2021

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing -#74 27.09.21-01.10.21

AWS makes Arm-powered Lambda functions generally available

AWS has made the option of using Graviton2 Arm-based processors for Lambda functions generally available. The functionality is offered in Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, North Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon availability zones. The cloud giant is claiming that using Arm processors provides up to 19% higher performance at a 20% cost reduction compared to x86.

New Azure Active Directory password brute-forcing flaw has no fix

Imagine having unlimited attempts to guess someone's username and password without getting caught. That would make an ideal scenario for a stealthy threat actor - leaving server admins with little to no visibility into the attacker's actions, let alone the possibility of blocking them.

A newly discovered bug in Microsoft Azure's Active Directory (AD) implementation allows just that: single-factor brute-forcing of a user's AD credentials. And, these attempts aren't logged on to the server.

Google Cloud Announces Backup for Google Kubernetes Engine

Google has recently announced the preview of Backup for GKE, a cloud-native way to protect, manage, and restore containerized applications and data running on Kubernetes. Using the new service, developers can create backups plans to schedule periodic backups of both application data and GKE cluster state data, and restore each backup to a cluster in the same or in a different region.


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