Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #49 - 09.04.2021

EuropeClouds Team
April 9, 2021

AWS has launched MEC for enterprises, with Verizon

AWS and Verizon has announced the expanding of their collaboration, with the goal of bringing private MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) to customers. The solution provides an on-premise edge compute infrastructure, which will enable low latency, improved level of customization and a higher level of security. The solution fully integrates with Verizon’s Private 5G networks and with Private Edge platform with AWS Outposts.

Microsoft Azure announces the commercial release of Staged Rollout

The commercial edition of the Staged Rollout feature, for IT people and from Azure Active Directory, will allow organizations with hybrid environments based on local Active Directory implementations, to examine the cloud-based authenticiation methods of Azure AD, with some of their end users.

Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management at the Microsoft Identity Division, has said: “This [staged rollout] feature allows you to selectively test groups of users with cloud authentication methods, such as pass-through authentication (PTA) or password hash sync (PHS), while all other users in the federated domains continue to use federation services, such as AD FS, Ping Federate, Okta, or any other federation services to authenticate use”.

GCP joins the FinOps Foundation

GCP has announced that it is joining the FinOps Foundation as a premier member. The initiative aspires to connect companies in the finance cloud management field, and specifically those who provides products that cut cloud costs for organizations. The only premier member, until now, was Cloudhealth (by VMware). Other members are CloudAbility, Densify Kubecost and SoftwareOne.

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