Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #105

Cloud Computing
May 6, 2022

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #105- 29.04.22 - 06.05.22 

Hackers exploit vulnerable Adminer for AWS database thefts

Mandiantresearchers spotted a threat group using an exploit for older versions ofAdminer to get their hands on metadata that included secret keys for AWSaccounts.

A threat group has been exploiting web apps to steal valuable metadata that, in turn, allows them to pilfer data from AWS database instances.

Microsoft to ax Azure Video Analyzer in November

Microsoft's Azure Video Analyzer service is being put out to pasture, withits termination notice arriving less than a year after the preview was unveiledat the company's 2021 Build event.

The shutters will be pulled down for good onNovember 30 and Microsoft has warned that from December 2 2022, "your AzureVideo Analyzer account will no longer function." Users were unable tocreate new accounts since May 2.

Google cloud misconfiguration poses risk to customers

Cloudsecurity vendor Mitiga discovered "dangerous functionality" in theGoogle Cloud Platform that could allow attackers to compromise virtualmachines.

A misconfiguration in theGoogle Cloud Platform could allow attackers to gain complete control over avirtual machine by leveraging legitimate features within the system, accordingto new research published Thursday.


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