FranceClouds vous recommande #22 - 29.9.2020

September 29, 2020

News updates (From 20.9.2020 to 26.9.2020)

Service Announcements / Updates:

  • Getting started with on AWS Graviton2

  • Centralized cross-account management with Cross-Region copy using AWS Backup

  • AWS adds a C++ Prometheus Exporter to OpenTelemetry

  • Usability Improvements for AWS Management Console now available

  • Introducing AWS Perspective

  • Now available AWS SSO credential profile support in the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains IDEs

  • AWS Backup supports application-consistent backups of Microsoft workloads on EC2

  • Announcing AWS Glue Studio: Visual job authoring and advanced monitoring for AWS Glue

  • Amazon Aurora Increases Maximum Storage Size to 128TB

  • Announcing the General Availability of Amazon Corretto 15

  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers T3 Instances

  • Microsoft announces cloud innovation to simplify security, compliance, and identity

  • What's new in Azure Active Directory at Microsoft Ignite 2020

  • Bring innovation anywhere with Azure’s multi-cloud, multi-edge hybrid capabilities

  • AT&T powered guardian device with Azure Sphere enables highly secured, simple, and scalable connectivity from anywhere

  • Introducing Azure Orbital: Process satellite data at cloud-scale

  • Build powerful and responsible AI solutions with Azure

  • Unlock cost savings and maximize value with new Azure infrastructure innovation

  • Protect multi-cloud workloads with new Azure security innovations

  • Designing your cloud strategy to maximize value on Azure

  • Run your core applications on Azure

  • Gain IT efficiency for Windows Server with new Azure innovation

  • Achieving business resilience with cloud application development

  • Achieve agility with Azure Data in a changing world

  • Announcing major performance improvements for Azure SQL Database Managed Instances

  • What’s new in Azure SQL Managed Instance at Ignite 2020

  • Azure Blob storage point-in-time restore now generally available


  • Azure Machine Learning offers added capabilities at lower cost

  • Policy add-on for Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Azure Kubernetes Service support for new base image Ubuntu 18.04

  • Azure Kubernetes Service mutate default storage class feature


  • Configurable Backup Storage Redundancy option for Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Azure Stack Hub with GPU's now generally available

  • Global virtual network peering support for Azure SQL Managed Instance now available

  • Azure Arc enabled servers are now generally available

  • Virtual Machine (VM) level Disk Bursting on Dvs3 and Esv3 VMs

  • General availability of Azure Monitor for Key Vault and Azure Cache for Redis

  • General Availability of the New Azure VMware Solution

  • Announcing Azure SQL Edge now in general availability

  • New disk IO and Bandwidth metrics to identify bottlenecks

  • 512 Sector Size support on Azure Ultra Disks is now available

  • Export and import securely to Azure Disk Storage with Azure Private Links integration (GA)

  • Selective disks backup for Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Stack Edge Mini R is now generally available

  • App Service announces the general availability of Windows Container support

  • App Service introduces the new Pv3 SKU for Windows and Linux customers

  • Migrate servers to Availability Zones with Azure Migrate

  • Enhanced management experience for Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Ignite 2020 - Conversational AI updates

  • Introducing Metrics Advisor - A new Cognitive Service

  • Announcing Flexible Server for Azure Database for MySQL

  • Introducing Flexible Server for Azure Database for PostgreSQL

  • WebLogic on Azure Virtual Machines Major Release Available

  • Introducing Stream Analytics clusters with VNet support

  • Announcing Test Base for Microsoft 365

  • Introducing Azure Resource Mover: a seamless way to move between Azure regions

  • Introducing new cloud-based admin capabilities to help you better service Microsoft 365 Apps

  • Accelerate self-paced learning at the edge with Speech Containers

  • Customer Lockbox for Microsoft Azure - Supported services and scenarios in preview

  • Project InnerEye open-source deep learning toolkit: Democratizing medical imaging AI

  • Microsoft's Project HSD is all about holographic storage for the cloud

  • Google Hires Longtime Intel Exec Bill Magro to Lead HPC Strategy

  • Kubernetes Ingress Goes GA

  • New Terraform Tutorials on Provisioning and Managing Kubernetes Clusters

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Compute and High-Performance Computing Roadmap Update

  • Oracle and Rescale Bring Turnkey Bare-Metal Cloud to Enterprises

  • Altair Accelerates Use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure First to Make NVIDIA A100 GPUs Generally Available in the Cloud


  • AWS Cloud Security Report

  • Google Anthos Is Starting to Make Inroads in Colocation Data Centers

  • Oracle is a distant laggard in cloud infrastructure market even after TikTok deal

  • Hybrid cloud application delivery in financial services

  • Top 5 takeaways from the latest Kubernetes security report

Cloud Migration:

  • 5 steps to accelerate transformation and innovation in your organization

  • Cloud migration: What you need to know (and where to find it)

Cost Management:

  • Queuing purchases of Savings Plans

  • How to right-size your flat-rate and flex slots reservations in BigQuery

  • Optimizing the Cloud with Cloud Financial Management

Customer Stories:

  • Samsung Migrates 1.1 Billion Users across Three Continents from Oracle to Amazon Aurora with AWS Database Migration Service

  • Experian Achieves 100% Uptime with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora

Security Related:

  • Cloud Security Alliance - Top Threats to Cloud Computing: Egregious Eleven Deep Dive

  • Azure Security Benchmark v2 is now available with expanded security control assessments

  • DataSecOps: Protecting Data in the Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud Security

  • Top 6 Security Threats in Cloud Computing and How to Mitigate Them

  • 6% of all Google Cloud Buckets are vulnerable to unauthorized access

Training and Certifications:

  • New course on Coursera and edX: Building Modern Applications on AWS

  • Internet of Things - Event Learning Path (Learn to Build IoT Solutions on Microsoft Azure)

  • Check out recent updates to Azure certs and exams - September 2020


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