Cette semaine dans le monde des startups #27 25.10.2020

October 25, 2020

The startup that was chosen to be Innovator Of The Year

"Granulate provides unprecedented workload performance with the lowest possible costs at scale" (company website). The startup was announced as the Innovator Of The Year by the 2020 AI TechAwards, and the conference producer, Jonathan Pasky, has said Granulate is a great example of a company whose providing AI & ML technologies, which are helpful for Developers and Engineers.  

Avy has succeeded in completing the flight of its solar-powered drone

Avy is an Amsterdam-based startup which creates emission-free drones since 2016. The company has announced a successful test in which it completed the flight of its fixed-wing drone. According to Patrique Zaman, Founder of Avy, The company's goal is to "… accelerate the transition towards sustainable aviation”.

Who is the Tech leader that founded a $1B evaluated startup?

Jay Vijayan is a Former CIO at Tesla. In 2016, after 4 years of being Tesla's CIO, he founded a startup named Tekion, which is a cloud-based product providing dealerships with a flawless sales experience. The company has previously announced the closing of its series C round, with the raising of $150M ($215M total), and the valuation of higher than $1B.


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