Cette semaine dans le monde des startups #26 18.10.2020

October 18, 2020

Meet the Food-Tech startup that launched in the USA, and aspires to become beloved on American veggies

Zero Egg is an Israeli startup which develops a vegan alternative to eggs. The company was founded in 2018 and has raised above $1M so far. Zero Egg went to the American market when offering Manufactures and Food Service Operators one out of the following: EGG Basics – substitutes to standard eggs, and BAKE Basics – substitutes to eggs for baking purposes.  

Why put it on the trash when you can put it on yourself? The startup that will make clothes out of your leftovers

ALT TEX is an American startup founded by Avneet Ghotra, a graduate student of U of T, who specialized in Environment science and Biochemistry, and Myra Arshad, A student at York University. The company takes part in the U of T's Scale-up program, and it just awarded a grant of $30K from Lo Family Social Venture Fund, in order to achieve its goal – to turn food-leftovers into clothing goods.

Another logistics player – Fresh Express raised $200M

This B2B logistics startup was founded 2 years ago and works with e-commerce companies in Thailand. Fresh Express just closed its series D round, which was led by PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company, with the raising amount of $200M, which brings it to a total raising amount of $400M altogether. Alibaba is one of the investors in the company, too.


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